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How We Improve Customer Satisfaction Ratings at Afriex

New businesses emerge every day. The market is getting more competitive, and each business tries to stay far ahead of its competitors in all possible ways. The choice to choose from this many brands offering the same service is totally up to the customers' preferences, and as such, satisfying customers becomes mandatory for a business to have lasting success in the market.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a term used by Customer Service Agents to describe how a product or service impacts the customer's view of a business. The term is used to refer to how happy customers are when using the product or service of a brand.

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of keeping existing customers and getting prospects. According to research, 91% of unhappy customers will leave the brand without even complaining. Losing focus on customer satisfaction leads to dissatisfied customers, and this will end up affecting the success of a brand. Ensuring a happy clientele helps in the expansion of the brand, which leads to more profit generation.

Important Tips on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction Ratings

It is evident that customers are the grand supporters of any business, which is why at Afriex, we put our customer satisfaction first, and below are some tips on how we excel at it.

Various Channels for Customer Support

Offering a variety of channels through which customers can engage with the brand goes a long way toward improving customer satisfaction. Omnichannel support helps to interact with customers through any of the available channels they are most comfortable using at certain times.

Providing many forms of customer support proves the brand's consistency and trust. It shows the brand can assist the customer at all touchpoints. This does not only boost the end-user experience but also promotes the brand image and credibility.

Some examples of support systems and how to use them are listed below:

  • Social Media Support

Creating social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms for your brand to engage with customers is an ideal method of improving customer satisfaction, as this proves that you care about your customers' needs. 

Engaging with customers on social media demands quick responses. Improve customer satisfaction by assigning a customer support officer who will respond to customers' requests in record time.

  • Phone Call Support

Inbound phone call support service is a faster and more reliable service for customers who need immediate responses. It allows support agents to interact one-on-one with the customer and help resolve their complaints.

  • Instant Live Chat Responses

Assign customer service representatives to interact with customers through the exchange of text to help customers deal with issues and guide them with step-by-step instructions on how to deal with such issues.

Chatbots also aid in providing instant responses to customers and help to offer accurate solutions to some technical problems.

  • Website Support

Customers can easily assist themselves on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on your website. The FAQs page offers answers to common questions customers may have before proceeding to other support channels.

Timely Responses

When you provide prompt responses to customers' requests, it shows them that their requests are given high priority. This in turn makes the customer report positive satisfaction feedback. The response time you take to respond to customers on your channels has a direct impact on Customer Satisfaction Ratings. 

24/7 Customer Support Service

Always be available to render full support service for your customers every time they request it. This service helps in promoting customer satisfaction for clients who have urgent questions that demand immediate answers. 

Providing 24/7 customer support helps boost the level of customer service outreach. Consider implementing 24/7 service by adding a chat option to your business website.

Implement Proper Customer Service Etiquette

No one wants to be addressed rudely. This also applies to customers. Customers would most likely stop doing business with a brand after an unethical and poor customer support experience. There should be in-house rules for how support officers relate to and communicate with customers.

Customer service representatives should be educated and trained properly on how to communicate with customers to achieve high ratings of customer satisfaction.

Request for Feedback 

To know how well you have satisfied your customers, an important method is to ask them for feedback on their customer service experience. Create a customer satisfaction survey requesting what your customers think about their support experience.

Use the information gathered from the survey to improve your customer service. This will show your customers that you value them and their opinions.

Why you need to improve your Customers' Satisfaction 

The importance of improving customer satisfaction includes:

  • It increases annual revenue generation
  • Create a positive image for the business through referrals
  • Puts the business ahead of its many competitors
  • Improves the chance of getting new prospects for the business 
  • Boosts customers' trust in the business  

At Afriex, we understand that customers form the most essential part of business growth; hence, we make sure to put in all the proper measures to increase our customer satisfaction rate.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we make your financial services easier than ever.

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