Shaping the future of remittances

Join us at Afriex as we build a sustainable future for generations of Africans.

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Senior Full Stack Javascript Engineer

Engineering | Full Time | Remote
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Community Marketing Agent

Marketing | Part Time | Remote
London, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Toronto, Houston
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Senior Full Stack Javascript Engineer

Engineering | Full Time | Remote
Lagos, Accra, London, Nairobi, New York
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Solidity Engineer

Engineering | Full Time | Remote
Accra, Lagos, Nairobi, Manila, Kampala, US, UK
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Community Marketing Manager

Part-Time | Growth | Remote
USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe
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Senior Product Designer

Design | Full Time | Remote
Lagos, Accra, London, Nairobi, New York
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Humans of Afriex


Aside from our competitive salary, here are a few perks we offer to help you thrive inside and outside work.

Medical Cover

Comprehensive medical insurance plan so you have the best medical care when needed.

Diverse team

Our team comprises people from different parts of the world. Each person brings a unique perspective to aid the unified growth of the team.

Remote Working

We're not location biased, you get to work from any country or place in the world.

Asynchronous Working

Enjoy working according to your current time zone and not bother about altering your work hours to fit others.

Paid Annual Leave

Enjoy unlimited days of paid time off to recharge your batteries.


Enjoy paid transport to and from the office for the Lagos staff on the days you choose to work from the office.

Our Values

We exist to build great people to do extraordinary things. We define success by how we touch the lives of others.

Hear from your future team mates

Looking into Fintech, I found Afriex. It has been a great journey! At Afriex, the management is awesome! Honestly, it's pretty easygoing. I love the job I do at Afriex, conversing with customers, and having them feel appreciated for their business.

Patience Umeh

Customer Support Associate
Working at Afriex has been a tremendous blessing for me. I can combine work with school without one impeding the other. I love that I'm able to own my work here and how much of a voice I have in the work I do. I love it here.

Paul Obayagbona

Brand and Marketing Designer
Each day, as we are presented with new opportunities and learning moments, I feel blessed to be working alongside this family toward the goal of increasing financial inclusion globally. Our customers are the core of our family and we recognize how fortunate we are to be entrusted with their money.

Ollie Howie

Chief Financial Officer
Afriex fosters a culture of collaboration and open communication, which has allowed us to effectively tackle complex projects and achieve our goals. I am proud to be a part of Afriex and look forward to continuing to contribute to its success.

Stephanie Omale

Growth Lead
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