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Afriex is a multi-currency app to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

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How Does the Afriex Money
Transfer App Work?

Send up to $3,000 daily to any bank account or phone number internationally.

Send up to $3,000 daily to bank accounts and e-wallets.

You can send money directly to a bank account or to any Afriex user and they get it instantly!


Start, with as little
as a $1 deposit.

An easier way to send and receive money on the go. Terms Apply.

Send money to Africa or to anywhere in the world, with as little as a $5 deposit.
Earn up to a $100 credit for referring friends and families.

Earn rewards for referring friends and family.

Invite friends and you’ll both get a $5 Afriex credit when your friend signs up and sends $100 or more.

Why Send Money with Afriex?

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Best Rates

Afriex is 25% cheaper than Western Union or MoneyGram and we offer amazing exchange rates.

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Fast Transactions

90% of our transfers arrive within minutes.

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Secure Payments

We ensure all your personal data and transactions are encrypted end-to-end.

What our customers say about using Afriex

Join thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe who trust us with their money transfers.

Ready to get started?

Audu Carter Testimonial
Audu Carter
Afriex User
Afriex 5 Star Rating

This is the best money transfer app I have used so far. It is less stressful and 100% trusted and reliable. I want to personally recommend this app to everyone seeing this. Try it and you won't regret it.

Jennifer Eslo Testimonial
Jennifer Eslo
Afriex User
Afriex 5 Star Rating

The app is really easy to use and verified my cousin's account number of the recipient by pulling up her name before I send. My cousin got her funds within minutes. Highly recommend! My husband and I love it!

Gayle Johnson Testimonial
Gayle Johnson
Afriex User
Afriex 5 Star Rating

AFRIEX is the new vibe, best money transfer app. They offer the best rates that I know of with no transfer fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Afriex Money Transfer App Secure?
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Where Can I Send Money To and From with Afriex?
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What Are the Fees and Rates When Sending Money?
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Learn How to Send and Receive with Afriex

Watch our short video on how to send money to and from Africa.

Ready to Send Money To Family and Friends?

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