Afriex Customer Support

With the advancement of communication in today’s tech-savvy world, it is crucial that companies like AFRIEX are able to serve our customer’s needs at a rapid speed. At Afriex our goal is to ensure our customer’s experiences are as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We have steadily grown our Customer Success Team to a dedicated staff working tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met.

How to reach Afriex Customer Service Team?

We have many avenues for you to contact one of our eager and highly capable Afriex support staff. The best part is that these options are available straight from your Afriex App!!

💬 Live Chat

You can chat with one of our support staff in real-time through the app itself. To chat to one of our agents, first, open up your Afriex app.

Whether you are checking your transactions, viewing how much you have in your wallet, or adding a new card through your profile, you can easily find the  ‘Support’ option on the left side of the top page.

Proceed to click  “Chat with us” and one of our customer success associates will happily respond to your query in record time! Moreover, our associate can give you a call upon request to further help solve your query as fast as possible!

☎️ Call Us

Alternatively, you can reach out to us on our Afriex Hotline!

Yes, you can speak to one of our eager associates in real-time and receive the help you need over the phone.

In case your query may require additional attention from our engineering support team, you may expect a phone call at a later time to ensure that your issue has been resolved on your end so you proceed to enjoy our app!

Reach out to us on our Customer Success Phone Line:+1-866-627-5738

💌 Email Us

You can email us any time, here are a number of ways to locate our email address. You can access it either in-app by clicking the ‘Support’ option, on our social media pages, or through our website.

Our team is eager to receive your email and help you in the fastest and best way they can. When reaching out to us via email, make sure to detail your query/issue and by stating your afriex username. This will allow the team to quickly check your issue and respond at a fast pace.

⭐️ Social Media

Join our Afriex family by following us on our social media pages and engaging with our content. Our followers get first-hand information on important updates on the app, useful tips on vast topics such as finance and most excitingly, they get to participate in various GIVEAWAYS!!

In addition, our followers can send us a private message about the issues they might be experiencing on any of our channels (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and receive a response from our customer service team fast!

✅ FAQ Page

At Afriex, we are constantly refreshing our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on our website to ensure that the information is up to date and relevant to our users.

Our users can check our FAQ page before reaching out to one of our associates as some of the common problems users face and solutions to these problems are highlighted there.

Feel free to seek out the other channels mentioned above to contact our team in case your problem is unsolved even after following the detailed steps on the FAQ page.

Meet a few members of our team...

Our Customer Success Team and support systems are constantly growing to fit the needs of our users! 

The interests of our associates are widespread; some are creative and enjoy the arts. Some members of our team enjoy reading, traveling, or cooking, with one of our Support Lead’s Akunna citing her love for trying new dishes when not seeing to Afriex users needs. 

Our team is filled with diverse, hard-working, dedicated individuals who are based all around the globe. From Nigeria to the US, all driven by a shared belief in Afriex’s mission to make sending money abroad as easy, fast, and safe as possible!

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