5 African Entrepreneurs that are Making Waves Internationally

The tapestry of African entrepreneurship weaves through the stories of individuals who have turned their heritage into a stepping stone for global success. African entrepreneurs have not only championed their African roots but have also showcased the power of innovation and resilience. From the tech-savvy streets of the USA to the bustling business hubs of the UK, these entrepreneurs are making a substantial impact in fields like digital technology, renewable energy, and cybersecurity, among many others.

Their journeys echo the ethos of Afriex, a platform built on the same African heritage. Afriex simplifies the process of financial transactions, offering a reliable and efficient way to send money to Nigeria, conduct money transfers to Ghana, and navigate the intricacies of international financial exchanges. Afriex emerges as a cornerstone for African immigrants, facilitating the essential links that bind communities across continents, making it easier than ever to support and connect with loved ones.

Tope Awotona: Nigerian American Giant in Tech

African entrepreneurs are reshaping the global business landscape, with Tope Awotona leading the charge. Born with Nigerian heritage, this Nigerian American tech titan embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. As the founder and CEO of Calendly, his story is a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Tope Awotona's journey began long before his billion-dollar success. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and he immigrated to the United States as a young teenager. Initially, he delved into businesses ranging from selling projectors to garden tools. These experiences, although not successful, laid the groundwork for his future triumphs.

Calendly's success wasn't overnight. With a bold move, Tope Awotona invested his life savings into Calendly. He then bootstrapped the company for years, demonstrating his commitment and belief in his vision. It was this dedication that led to a significant milestone in 2021, when Calendly took on a $350 million investment, catapulting the firm's valuation to an impressive $3 billion.

Tope Awotona's net worth today speaks volumes of his success, making him one of the most famous African American entrepreneurs. At Calendly, careers are crafted to drive innovation, making it a prime destination for aspiring professionals.

African American Entrepreneur using Calendly

Tom Ilube: Leading African Entrepreneur in Cybersecurity

Tom Ilube, a prominent British Nigerian entrepreneur and innovator, is making significant strides in the tech world. As the mastermind behind Crossword Cybersecurity, his influence in the field increased substantially over the years. As a token of his success, the Crossword Cybersecurity share price grew tremendously in 2019, revealing a story of growth and perseverance.

Moreover, Tom Ilube’s Nigerian heritage infuses his work, especially in his philanthropic efforts towards educational projects in Africa. His establishment of the African Science Academy in Ghana illustrates his dedication to nurturing the next generation of African talent. Ilube's multifaceted career not only highlights the potential of British Nigerian entrepreneurs but also underscores the broader significance of African contributions in global technology sectors.

His journey exemplifies how African entrepreneurs merge their cultural roots with global business acumen.

Crossword Cybersecurity in the tech world

Kanya King: Cultural Icon and British Ghanaian Visionary

Kanya King, a proud Ghanaian British entrepreneur, has played a pivotal role in bringing black music to the forefront. She was able to do so through her role as CEO, founder, and visionary of the MOBO Awards.

What does MOBO stand for? It symbolizes more than an award. The MOBO (music of black origin) awards celebrate black music's vibrancy and diversity internationally. It's a movement honoring the rich tapestry of music of black origin. Kanya King’s efforts have been instrumental in elevating artists of African descent, thus cementing her legacy in cultural entrepreneurship.

Following the success of the MOBO Awards in 2023, this year's edition is set to take the MOBO Awards in Sheffield beyond all expectations. The event scheduled at Utilita Arena Sheffield continues to be regarded as the "UK's biggest celebration of Black music and culture".

African heritage and culture festivity

Abbey Wemimo's Role as an African Entrepreneur in Financial Inclusivity

Abbey Wemimo's journey as a Nigerian American entrepreneur is marked by both personal struggle and professional triumph. Growing up in Lagos's slums, Wemimo faced financial barriers firsthand when he immigrated to the USA at 17. This experience, including the challenge of obtaining a loan without a credit score, led him to create Esusu Financial INC.

Esusu, most recently valued at $1 billion, focuses on using rent payments to build credit for low to moderate income households. The platform also offers property management analytics and rental assistance, embodying what Esusu represents in financial inclusion.

Wemimo's entrepreneurial spirit was evident even before Esusu. He founded a global social venture providing clean water access and a data analytics company, Open Aid Initiative. His career spans roles at Accenture, Goldman Sachs, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 and by Goldman Sachs as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, Wemimo Abbey's impact extends beyond Esusu, serving as a Queen’s Young Leader and a member of the Royal Commonwealth Society. His story, rich with experiences and accolades, underscores his status as one of the most famous African American entrepreneurs, paving the way in African entrepreneurship.

For more insights on the impact of Esusu's rent relief funds, you can visit this Esusu rent relief reviews page.

Esusu rent relief funds

Jessica O. Matthews: Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions

Jessica O. Matthews stands out as a leader among African American female entrepreneurs and technology innovators. Her journey began with the invention of the SOCCKET ball, an energy-generating soccer ball, at just 19. This early innovation laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

As the founder and CEO of Uncharted Power, Jessica Matthews has transformed the company from a power solutions provider to a leader in smart city infrastructure development. Her work plays a pivotal role in creating more intelligent, inclusive urban environments, leveraging data for infrastructural optimization.

In 2021, Matthews' expertise was further recognized with her appointment to the Electricity Advisory Committee. Here, she contributes significantly to modernizing America's electric delivery system as part of the Smart Grid subcommittee. Jessica Matthews' career is a testament to the dynamic role African American technology innovators play in shaping the future of sustainable infrastructure and technology.

“If ever there was an innovator, she’s it.” – Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Uncharted Power green energy solutions

Afriex: Where Success Transcends Currency

These five individuals, hailing from British Ghanaian, British Nigerian, and Nigerian American backgrounds, are not just entrepreneurs. They are groundbreakers, setting the stage for future generations of African entrepreneurs. Their stories are a powerful reminder that the spirit of African entrepreneurship is a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.

The narratives of African success are not just tales of personal triumph but are also sources of communal inspiration. They resonate with the mission of Afriex – to empower and unite through financial inclusivity. For every African immigrant looking to support their loved ones back home, Afriex offers a seamless way to manage financial obligations, whether it's to send money to Ghana or find the best way to send money to Nigeria from USA.

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