How to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana

How to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana

Are you living and working in Nigeria at the moment? Do you have family, friends, or business associates in Ghana to who you’d like to transfer funds to? Well then, this article is specifically for you. We will share how you can easily Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana.

First off, getting a service that fairly converts your Naira into Cedis when you Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana is essential. Often many end up paying huge fees in the name of sending funds out of the country. There’s always a better way. With several platforms offering remittance services for those who want to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana, you are spoilt for choice. But don’t worry, as we will help you narrow down the best options on the table. So, in no order of merit, here are some of the best methods that you can use to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana:


Chipper has a rich user interface, and you can easily use it to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana. All you need to do is to send funds to the recipient’s chipper wallet. Then they can withdraw the funds at their pleasure and convenience.

This money transfer service uses mobile phone numbers as an identifier. This is convenient and safe when sending funds. You don’t have to remember complex account numbers when you have the recipient’s phone number. Also, the chances of sending funds to the wrong account are pretty slim. This is because you will most likely have the recipient’s phone number in your contact list.

Their zero-charge transactions are equally an attractive option that you get when sending funds.

Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana Using Afriex

Yet another effective option that you can use to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana is Afriex. Even though it has been around for not too long, it has gained the confidence of many individuals within and outside of the continent.

You can use Afriex to send money to your friends, family, or business associates in Ghana from Nigeria. Their rates are pretty fair and the speed of the transaction is very fast. Afriex has a simple and straightforward user interface. You don’t have to struggle much when creating an account or when trying to transfer funds.

Afriex also allows you to send money from Nigeria to other African countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Uganda, Ivory Coast, and also the US, UK and Canada.


Eversend can help you Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana easily within a short duration. You simply need to create an account and you’re ready to start sending funds to other countries. The recipient will also need to create an account on Eversend to receive funds from you. Later on, they can transfer the funds to their local mobile money services.

They have friendly exchange rates, which means that you get a fair deal during money transfers. The recipient doesn’t have to withdraw funds from Eversend. Instead, they can use it for other services like paying bills and purchasing airtime.


The virtual card service is what makes Barter really popular. Nonetheless, they have more services including payment of bills, airtime recharges, and remittance. Barter also allows the recipient to receive funds through different mobile money options available in Ghana. This is convenient for those who’d want to use such services.

You need to compare the Naira against Cedis before you make the transaction. But generally, they have a fair rate of exchange for their customers. One thing you need to note is that this rate keeps on fluctuating. Thus, it would be wise to check out other options too, as they may have cheaper rates.

Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa is another way that you can use to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana. Its user interface is easy to use. Therefore, anyone can use it, even those who aren’t tech-savvy. Sending and receiving funds through the platform is fast and free of any hassles.

You only need to sign up if you don’t have an account or use your current account to send funds to Ghana.

The good thing about Wallets Africa is that you can save the recipient’s phone number. This way, you don’t have to struggle looking through account numbers when resending funds.

If you’re a business person who needs to send bulk transfers, don’t worry as Wallets Africa has you covered. They have a tailor-made solution for corporates looking to send bulk payments.


The last option to send money from Nigeria to Ghana on our list is AccessAfrica. You can remit money through the direct cash method. You can also use the account-to-account method or the cash-to-account method. All this will depend on your personal preferences. AccessAfrica is a fast way to send funds back to Ghana and offers ideal exchange rates.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are some of the best ways how to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana. We hope that you’re now ready to start making transfers.

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