Money Transfers: How to Send Money Abroad for Personal and Business

When you’re sending money abroad, you want an option that’s simple and direct. Thus, you will need to use the right money transfer app for the job. There are undoubtedly so many money transfer options that you can use when sending money abroad. And one of the ways is to use a money transfer app like Afriex. It’s one of the most convenient options for sending money to far destinations.

Banks aren’t nowadays the only method you can use to make transfers to other countries. In fact, most of them are an expensive option if you think of it. The rise in multiple apps that can help you send money abroad has made the competition higher and the fees attractive to customers. Here are some of the ways that you can use to send money abroad for personal and business matters:

Afriex Money Transfer App

As we had earlier hinted, this is one of the best and fastest rising ways that you can use to transfer money abroad for your personal use and business transactions. Thousands of people are already using this method to make their transactions.

Whether you want to send money to friends and relatives abroad, or you want to invest in some business and need to make a transfer, Afriex is here to help you do just that.


Many of you have already used PayPal at one time. It is one of the most convenient mobile money transfer applications that you can use. It provides reliable and fast money transfers. On top of that, they have a steady customer service team that can handle all of your concerns in the shortest manner possible.

The other advantage about this money transfer app is that it is available in a lot of countries. Thus, you can easily send money to anyone who’s several miles away from you. The main concern about this app is the fees that can easily build up. And such fees may discourage many from using the app.

PayPal imposes different fees when you’re transferring money abroad. The fees mostly depend on whether you’re sending the funds to an individual or a business. This also depends on the currency that you want to use and the location of the account.

Western Union

This is another money transfer app that you can use when making transactions for personal purposes and business. It has been around for several years now and earned trust from thousands upon thousands.

Western Union operates in just over 200 countries and destinations all over the world. Thus, you can easily use it for money transfers online. There are over 500,000 western union agent locations in the world. Thus, if you’re sending money abroad and want the recipient to pick it up in cash, it’s very much a reality when using this money transfer app.

The fees for sending money through Western Union will depend on where exactly you want to send the money. You will simply check how much fees you’re paying just before sending out the funds. The fees will equally depend on the recipient’s choice of collection e.g. through cash or bank transfer. They will convert the money you send in whatever currency it is in using the current exchange rate.

The only downside is that in addition to whatever you’ll pay as upfront fees, there’s a hidden fee in terms of the exchange rate. This is mostly how the company will make their own gain from the transaction.

World Remit

When you’re deciding between different money transfer apps, it’s important that you check the fees and rates they have. World Remit has some of the cheapest rates to send money abroad. They even offer a better deal on the exchange rate than most of the popular apps you see in the market. That’s why you need to give them a shot when sending money overseas.

At the moment, this service is available in over 140 countries all over the world. So, how do you use World Remit if you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple, you only need to have an account, which you get to sign up for free.

The transfer fees here will vary depending on the exact location you intend to send the money to. One thing you’ll also love about World Remit is the speed of their transactions. You can get almost instant or near-instant money transfers. As for home deliveries, they can take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. It all depends on the designated location.

There are transaction limits depending on the country that you’re sending the money from. In case you’re sending money from the U.S, you can send $5,000 per transaction. But you can only send a maximum of $9,000 every 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it folks. That’s all you need to know about money transfers for both personal and business purposes. Whenever you're planning to send out money abroad, this should be your guide. Just make sure that you get the right money transfer app.

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