Does My Cash Money Transfer App Work Internationally

Today, the world has literally become a global village with technology being the reason. There are so many new tools emerging in different industries that have made life on our planet a lot easier. Communication, for instance, has become a lot easier because of social media and messaging apps. In the same fashion, work has become remote thanks to productivity tools and freelance apps. Now comes the money transfer. Today, you can easily transfer money across borders. By using a money transfer app, you can make both local and international transfers.

Before we go into the money transfer applications that work internationally, are they even safe? Well, many people have always trusted banks to send money internationally. But the problem with using banks is not only because of the fees and exchange rates but also about the speed. Many people moving funds internationally want to achieve that in a fast way. In most cases, it is always either for an emergency with friends and family or for other business-related matters. And that’s where a money transfer app comes into the equation. It is not only fast, but also safe to use for moving funds internationally. What’s, even more, is that they are a little bit cheaper when compared to other avenues of sending money. Now, here are some of the best apps to send money internationally:

Venmo Money Transfer App

Venmo is particularly great when you’re sending money to friends and family members. Nonetheless, you can still use it to send money for business and partnerships. The good thing about Venmo is that it links to your bank account and credit cards. In addition, it takes just about a day or up to three for the funds to reach the recipient. Thus, it can be convenient when you’re sending money for an urgent cause.

The transfer and exchange fees are also affordable. This money transfer app can also link to other apps, which makes this a standout feature to consider. In terms of security, the app has a multi-factor authentication system when you’re signing in. You also have QR code readers that will help you send money to the right persons.

Afriex Money Transfer App

hand holding phone with Afriex app open

Afriex is yet another effective and efficient money transfer app to send money internationally. It is particularly the best for sending money to African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Their rates are also affordable so that you don’t end up spending too much just on transferring funds to your loved ones, friends, or even business associates.

The security of this app is equally top-notch and you can expect your money and transactions to always have the right level of security.


PayPal is one of the oldest apps for money transfer in the world. It started its operations back in the 90s and has since become a multinational figure in money transfer. It is the best for flexible international transfers with links to several countries in the world.

PayPal offers instant transfers that can be very convenient for emergency international money transactions. Take the example of your loved one being ill back at home in Nigeria, and you’re in the US. You can send money to them via PayPal and have them get it right away so that they can pay for the medical services.

Its security features include a two-factor authentication system, data encryption, and email confirmations. You can rest assured that your transactions and money are safe when using this app.

Cash App

If you’re a budding investor, then this might just be the best money transfer app for you. It is fast in terms of transfer speed, as you can expect the funds to reach the recipient within a day or up to three business days.

Its security is also top-notch, as it has fraud detection, data encryption, and a unique one-time login code for every login. The two-factor authentication is also something that you can consider closely when analyzing its security.

Is a Money Transfer App Safe?

hand holding phone with Afriex app open

Straight on, we can confirm to you that each money transfer app has its own safety and security measures. Therefore, you need to find the one that’s safest with the best security features.

Some of the security features that you need to watch out for include apps that enable the sending of security codes for login, multi-factor or two-factor authentication, data encryption, and fraud detection.

When compared to writing someone a check, using a money transfer app is much safer. Why? It does not expose your bank account number and routing number.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve known the best apps for sending money internationally, we hope that you can settle down on just one money transfer app to use.

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