How to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya

How to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya

Although banks have been a popular option for many looking to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya, money transfer apps have emerged as a better option. Why? They are not only faster in delivery of the funds, but are also fairer in terms of the rates. Most of them employ the mid-market rate, which is a lot fairer compared to what banks offer. Their security is also top-notch, just like banks are.

You have probably only been using a bank to send money from Ghana to Kenya because you assume it is the safest way. Well, we’re here to give you another perspective through the use of a money transfer app. Are you confident that the exchange rates that banks offer you are fair enough? If you feel you’re spending a little too extra, then you should consider a money transfer app. They have cheaper pricing, are effective, and are quite fast in delivering funds. Also, your recipient doesn’t even need to have a bank account to receive funds. They can do so easily through several cash pick-up points or via mobile money services.

The exchange rate is often the biggest reason people end up spending too much on transfers. Lucky for you, you can evade the hire costs burning a hole in your pockets when you wire money. Here are steps you need to follow when selecting the fairest and most efficient app to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya:

Contrast Different Providers

There are several providers available for you to send money from Ghana to Kenya. Nevertheless, not all of them are trustworthy, efficient, and affordable. That’s why you need to compare and contrast different options to land on the right provider.

When analysing different service providers, it is imperative to look at the transfer fees, speed, security, and user interface. Top of them all is the security of your funds. A lot of people are getting duped every day after using untrustworthy money transfer services. Don’t be among the statistics.

The first step to proving that the app you plan to use is secure is to check if they are legally registered. Once you prove this, you can check on other features such as encryption and 2-factor authentication. These are additional features that prove an app is secure for sending funds.

Also, it is important to check information about the fees before using the service. Some apps tend to impose hidden charges that can derail your money transfer. In addition, you should ensure that the service you choose employs the mid-market exchange rate for fair fees.

Set Up an Account and Send Money from Ghana to Kenya

Once you have identified the right money transfer service you can use, set up the account. Setting up the account differs from one money transfer service to the next. Some might just need your name, while others might want a little extra. By a little extra, we don’t mean your private information, but rather national identification documents. For most, though, the procedure is fast and super easy.

The next step here is to link your funding source for the transaction. Options are plenty and they include using your credit card, bank account, or your debit card. Then you will need to provide details about the recipient. For some apps, it’s the name and email address. Others might want you to go further and provide their phone numbers and physical addresses.

It is important that you double-check all of the details before you send money from Ghana to Kenya. Wrong inputs can often lead to delays you would have avoided. After sending funds to a recipient, you can save their details for later use. This is particularly important if you plan to send them money recurrently.

Editor’s Pick: Afriex Money Transfer App

In order to send money from Ghana to Kenya safely, it is important to choose the RIGHT app – we can’t state this enough. That is why we did our research and landed on one specific app that you can use to send funds to Kenya. Note that there are still other options in the market, but Afriex stands out as the best, especially for the African market.

Afriex offers a fair mid-market exchange rate, which ensures that you get more Kenyan Shillings for your Ghana Cedis. Also, they have a fast delivery cycle, which is great for emergencies. Their security is trustworthy, as they employ the most modern sophisticated features. Finally, their user interface is one to admire, as anyone can use it – even the not-so-tech-savvy folks.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s how to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya, and that’s the app that you need to do it. We hope that you’re now sorted out and ready to start transacting.

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