Best Money Transfer App for Sending Money between Friends, Family, and Businesses

Getting the right money transfer app is important. It gives you the freedom and confidence to send money anywhere and to anyone. Unfortunately, not all apps give users the ability to move funds freely. Some have restrictions, while others have a limited user experience. In order to find the best money transfer app that you can use, we had to look at several options. All of these options are ideal, and it is up to you to choose the one that resonates most with your needs.

PayPal Money Transfer App

PayPal has been around for over two decades. It is this brand name and reliability that puts them at the top of the pecking order. Many people use this money transfer app to send funds between friends, family, and businesses. It is flexible, safe, and very easy to use. Also, the fact that they have been around for a very long time earns them credibility from users. Even reviews online speak for the company and its operations.

Money transfers through PayPal are mostly instant/fast. In case of any delays, they have a 24/7 customer service team that’s ready to respond to your needs. You can use PayPal from your Windows device, Android device, or iOS device. Within a matter of minutes, you can start transferring funds after you have downloaded this money transfer app.

Afriex Money Transfer App


Though fairly new in the market, Afriex has also built a name and reputation for itself. It has a ton of features that make the user experience seamless. You can send money to friends, family, and business associates easily using this money transfer app.

The registration process after acquiring this app is fast and easy. It is also secure to ensure that you don’t fall prey to cybercriminals. A fast-responding customer service team is always ready to answer to your needs whenever you feel stuck.

The fees of this money transfer app are also quite affordable and there are no hidden charges in the mix. You can use different funding sources including cards and a bank account.

WorldRemit Money Transfer App

The WorldRemit money transfer app is particularly a great option for sending money internationally. If you want to transfer funds from the UK/USA to Africa, then this is the best option on the table.

It has a sophisticated encryption mechanism that ensures your details and money are safe at all times within and without the app.  The advantage that WorldRemit has is its low fees. They ensure that you know the exchange fees upfront. Thus, there are no hidden charges. What’s more, it is available in over 100 countries of the world – talk about flexibility and options.

Within just 10 minutes, you can easily send funds to those abroad. Nonetheless, some transactions might take a little longer. But generally, you can expect that the transactions won’t last longer than 24 hours, no matter where you’re sending money.

Introducing a newbie to WorldRemit gives both of you a voucher that you can use on the next transfer you have. In addition, if you’re a first-time user of the app, you can use the 3Free promo code to make your first three transfers without using any fees.

This app has very stringent verification procedures to ensure the safety of users. If you can’t meet their verification standards, then you can’t use the app. They have a network of local partners across the world, which includes financial institutions and banks. In case you send funds to the wrong recipient, you can contact their customer service, which runs 24/7.

Cash App

Cash App is yet another brilliant option that you can use to move funds between friends, family, and business mates. The attractive part about it is its cheap or lower fees, especially when you compare it with most of the other apps.

Their user interface is also very simple, which makes it easy for the average person to make and receive transactions. They also offer some very unique options that you’d hardly get from most of the other money transfer platforms. For instance, there are investment opportunities and special savings with cash boosts.

The flexibility of cash transfers is also evident even in the way you can move funds from your Cash App account to a standard bank account. It is important that you verify your identity when using Cash App, as this will help you unlock the limits on transactions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are different options that you can use to send money to friends, family, or even business partners. It doesn’t matter how far they are from you, the funds will get to them. Just remember that you should choose the money transfer app that resonates with what you do regularly in terms of transactions.

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