African American Culture: 6 Events You Shouldn't Miss

Here at Afriex, we're spotlighting events that not only entertain, but deeply enrich our understanding and appreciation of Black culture throughout the year. From the vibrant Essence festival, to the soulful tunes of Capital Jazz Fest, our selections empower and support the Black community through their diverse programs. Each event uniquely showcases the depth of African American culture, inviting us to explore and celebrate the beauty of African art and the enduring strength of the Black community.

The Afriex team deeply resonates with all the values these festivities are built upon. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the lives of those valuing these celebrations, the platform positions itself as one of the best apps for sending money to Africa. Afriex prioritizes the convenience, safety, and needs of the African community, especially for those choosing to live abroad.

Happy Black History Month!

Celebrated annually, February is the time we honor African Americans' monumental contributions to the US. history. The celebration extends globally, with countries like Canada and the United Kingdom also participating.

The Black History Month background was outlined by the prominent historian Carter G. Woodson. He played a pivotal role in establishing Negro History Week, the precursor of the current event. Woodson's vision was to combat prejudice with truth and reason, fostering recognition and appreciation of Black achievements in American history. Since 1976, Black History Month has been officially celebrated every February, in the US.

This February, Black History Month 2024 focused on "African Americans and the Arts". This theme included film screenings, traditional food and museum exhibits showcasing African artwork. Furthermore, the event aimed to raise awareness of African Americans' vast contributions to cultural expression across various fields, such as literature, music, folklore, cuisine and many others.

For more details on the events schedule, visit the official website where you can also gather resourceful information about the Black culture and traditions. Let's celebrate and appreciate the rich heritage and achievements of African Americans!

People interacting at an African American art gallery

Pharrell's Something in the Water festival

Founded by Pharrell Williams in 2019, Something in the Water festival quickly emerged as a standout event in Virginia Beach. Since its beginning, East Coast Virginia became a hotspot for hip-hop culture in the US.

Beyond the musical performances on Independence Ave, Pharrell prepared an array of activities, including pop-up church services and culinary showcases. Something in the Water is also an immersive celebration of African American culture and arts. This is highlighted by the program "A Seat At The Table", which features live music, art exhibitions, food trucks, and more. The festival also supports Black Ambition, a non-profit organization aiding Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Details for Something in the Water 2024 are still pending, with a lot of speculation going around. Make sure you keep an eye on their official website for the latest news.

Two people at Something in the Water festival

Capital Jazz Fest: Music for the Soul

Capital Jazz Fest, hosted at the scenic Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, promises a unique blend of jazz and soul music. This multi-stage festival, beloved by an upscale African American audience, transcends traditional craft shows, offering an enriching Black cultural experience. It's not just about the music. The Festival Marketplace is a treasure trove of African arts, crafts, food and novelties, making it a vibrant festival highlight.

The event, held during Black Music Month (or African American Music Appreciation Month), kicks off with the Friday Night Soul concert. Featuring legends like Maze and Frankie Beverly, alongside India Arie, it draws attendees from across 44 states. Beyond the tunes, the festival offers cooking delights, artist workshops, and meet & greets, set against Columbia's lush backdrop. From 7th to 9th June, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Capital Jazz Fest 2024. Be part of the astonishing African American community and embark on an unforgettable journey of music, cookery and art.

A saxophone player lost in his music

Essence Festival: a Testament to African American Culture

The Essence Festival is usually referred to as a “party with a purpose” and stands at the forefront of honoring the Black community's heritage. This event gradually became an empowering cultural movement that proudly celebrates and explores African American legacy, marking achievements across artistic fields and activism. As a result, the Essence Music Festival dives deep into health and wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, food and beauty by showcasing a variety of educational and entertaining programmes.

Since the '90s, the Essence Festival has spotlighted major names in entertainment alongside the nation's most influential voices. By day, free seminars and workshops offer insights on an array of topics, from religion to economics. The event highlights may include cooking shows and discussions with community activists, enhancing the festival's rich tapestry.

As the evening falls, the festival lights up the Dome with R&B, hip-hop, and other incredible performances. Additionally, a pre-party day of community service encourages participants to give back to New Orleans' local nonprofits.

Keep an eye out for the Essence Festival 2024 lineup announcement in mid-spring! Moreover, a detailed schedule will be published in June, outlining every performance and event. As for the festival dates, it will take place from 4th to 7th July. Get ready for an inspiring weekend of African American culture, music, and empowerment!

A woman feeling joyful at an African American festival

One MusicFest: Where Music and Culture are One

ONE Musicfest stands as the Southeast's premier two-day urban progressive music festival. This Atlanta-based festival draws over 50,000 music enthusiasts from across the nation, making it a "can't-miss event". Known for its diverse lineup, ONE Musicfest has hosted major artists like Pharrel Williams, Kendrick Lamar, and Lauryn Hill, blending genres from hip-hop to soul. It's a festival where generations come together, making it feel like a family reunion.

ONE Musicfest continues to showcase an eclectic range of artists, promising unforgettable performances. Don't miss out on this festival's incredible mashup of music and culture!

African American woman at One Musicfest

Afropunk Festival: A Canvas of Black Creativity, Unity, and Freedom

Afropunk Brooklyn is a vibrant testament to Black empowerment, music, and culture. Inspired by James Spooner’s documentary film “Afro-punk”, this festival has grown into a movement supporting African American culture, values and self expression. The previous events displayed an exciting lineup that included various genres such as punk, afrobeat, soul and hip-hop. 

Beyond music, Afropunk delves into photography, African American fashion, lifestyle and Black community activism, making it a holistic cultural experience. For instance, the SpinThrift Market showcases unique African artworks and clothing from independent designers, while Activism Row focuses on social justice and equality. With several thought-provoking discussions, artsy installations and film screenings, Afropunk becomes a beacon for individuality and creativity. This is the right place for any person who wants to truly be seen by their community, without holding back their African heritage.

Keep an eye on their website for any updates on official 2024 dates and lineup and join the Black community at this unparalleled African American festival.

People socializing at Afropunk festival

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