What is the Safest Money Transfer App to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya?

What is the Safest Money Transfer App to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya?

There’s been an influx of money transfer applications over the past few years. And every one of them is struggling to get market share in this highly profitable space. But which one is safe for you to use? After all, you don’t want to just pick any money transfer app without looking at the safety of your transactions. So, that is why we are here to show you which app will serve you best and if it is safe.

What is the Safest Money Transfer App?

Straight on, we can confirm to you that Afriex money transfer app is the safest based on our research. Even though they are still new in this market, they have put in place a host of different measures aimed at making your experience not only easier, but safer. You, therefore, can use it to send money to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya very easily without having to struggle with huge fees and cybersecurity concerns. Whether it’s for business or you’re just sending money to your friends and relatives, Afriex has you covered.

Even in the case where you just lost your phone, you can access Afriex and disconnect it remotely from your phone. Therefore, those who stole the phone won’t access your funds in your app.

How to Protect Yourself When Sending Money to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya

While a money transfer app may have built the foundation for security, you still need to do your part to ensure that you get a safe experience. Taking those few extra seconds to enable different security features can make a huge difference in keeping your funds safe. Here are some of the things that you can do to protect yourself when you’re sending money abroad:

Enable Additional Security Features

Most of the apps that you install to your phone will use the lowest security features on your phone. This is up until you permit them to do more. The logic behind this is that you’re the king and you decide what happens on your phone. Due to different privacy concerns, money transfer app developers have to seek different permissions from mobile phone users. And this even includes protecting you from different security concerns.

One good example is that these money transfer applications require that you enable a pin, fingerprint, or even a password to protect you from having intruders handling your funds. But again this is your option to take, and if you decide that you won’t need the passwords, pins, or fingerprint scanners, then it’s totally on you. So, if someone else gains custody of your phone, they can pretty much do whatever they want with your money. Very risky, huh? Take charge of your security now.

Only Send Money to People in Your Contacts

When you’re sending money to people who aren’t on your contact list, it becomes a lot easier to mistype their details. And this means that it also becomes easier to send money to the wrong recipient. Then you will have to struggle with the process of contacting the customer service team seeking help with the reversal process. Why don’t you save yourself all this hustle by choosing to send money only using your contact list? If at all you’ve got someone new and want to send them money, still, add them to the contact list beforehand.

A lot of people end up sending money to the wrong recipients all of the time. But now that you know the trick, don’t be part of the statistics anymore.

Double-check Credentials before Sending Money

When sending money through a money transfer app, it is important that you take your time. Don’t be in a hurry, especially when sending money abroad. Yes, it might be an emergency and they need the money quickly. Nonetheless, it will beat logic having to struggle with a reversal just because you sent the funds to the wrong recipient.

Take time and double-check the transaction before hitting send. You will need to confirm the username, email address, phone number, photo, and all other identifiers that the money transfer app uses to confirm the recipient’s credentials.

Always Have Notifications On

Ensure that you have the notifications on for the money transfer app that you’re using. They always send important updates and information that you don’t want to miss when they happen.

NEVER Share ANY of Your Personal Credentials to ANYONE

No money transfer app will ask you for your pin, passwords, or other personal credentials such as security questions. This is completely private and is only for you to know only. Therefore, whenever you make a call for any inquiry, don’t share these details. Also, in case anyone calls claiming to be from the customer service desk, don’t share any personal credentials. Always be on the lookout.

Final Thoughts

As much as your money transfer app has ensured your experience within the app is safe, you also have a role to play. Don’t let your guard down and end up a victim of money loss through fraud and other cybercrimes.

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