What are the Best Payment Cash Apps to Send Money to Africa?

Every year Africans living abroad remit more than $20 billion back home to Africa through cross border payment cash apps or traditional bank transfers. Using apps to send money back home either for personal or business reasons is an important activity for Africans living abroad, therefore enabling a seamless transaction experience for anyone sending money home to Africa is of utmost importance. 

To help navigate the challenges of sending money home for Africans living abroad who traditionally used credit unions such as Western Union, or went to the bank and got charged high fees every time they made a cash transfer, payment cash apps in recent years have sprung up to help solve these challenges.

Modern payment apps leveraging on advancements in internet technology now enable cross-border fiat transactions determined by the daily exchange rate to help make sending money home easier, faster, and safer than before. 

In this article, we take a look at 5 payment cash apps anyone looking to send money to Africa can use with ease. 

Afriex App

An amazing money transfer app for anyone looking for a cash app to send money home to Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda), the Afriex app is a great choice for anyone looking to send money home for any reason of their choice even for business. Afriex app currently has over 40,000+ users who trust it to make cross-border seamless cross border transactions daily and it is fast evolving into a the best way to send money in  Africa. The app is currently backed by Ycombinator and Soft Bank Group

Benefits of using the Afriex app to send money to Africa include:

- No hidden charges or extra costs.

- Excellent rates.

- Increased productivity -Save time you would have spent going to a bank to process your funds by using the Afriex app.

- Safety - No card, rather you now connect your bank to make transactions.

- The ability to send up to $3,000 daily to any bank account or phone number internationally.

Earn up to a $100 credit for referring friends and families. Invite friends and you’ll both get a $5 Afriex credit when your friend signs up and sends $100 or more.

Send money now with the Afriex app, click here!


Sendwave is a money transfer app that allows you to send money with love

to friends and family in Asia and Africa. With an easy-to-use interface, Sendwave allows money to be sent easily and effortlessly by simply linking your debit card to the app, verifying your identity, and transferring money to your friends and loved ones.

World Remit

A trusted payment cash transfer app, World remit also allows you to send money home with ease. With a great set of features that enables you to send funds to countries around the world seamlessly. World Remit provides a range of options for cross-border transactions including the ability to deliver to mobile wallets, carrying out mobile top-ups. To fund your transfer, you can use a bank transfer and credit/debit card.

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Sendcash allows you to transfer money to Africa with ease. The app allows anyone to send money to Africa from the US. Through its seamless app interface, Sendcash allows you to use your card to send money and it allows your recipient to receive it in less than a day.


Wise is another great payment cash app that can be used to send money to Africa. The app lets you send money directly to local bank accounts. Wise doesn’t always guarantee to be the cheapest there is on the market for your particular transfer but it lets you know this upfront.

To conclude, Afriex is on a mission to build the biggest and fastest money sending platform for Africa to connect Africans to the world and make it easy for them to perform cross-border payments wherever they may be.

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