Living Abroad

The African Abroad: From Indonesia with love.

Hello, what is your name, and what African country are you from?

My name is William Benedict. I’m from Nigeria

Where are you based right now and how long have you been there?

I’m based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been here for 6 years

Why did you relocate?

During my youth service year I knew I didn’t want to work in Nigeria because things were not looking good. I started to make plans to start up a business and with the guidance of a friend after I finished my service I moved to Jakarta.

What was the move like?

It was tough as a first time traveler from Nigeria, I had to jump through so many hoops but eventually when I settled here things slowly aligned.

What's the most shocking thing to you about where you are now?

Being an African in Asia I felt different at first. Whenever I go out people always stared and this gave me some sort of anxiety as I felt they were racist but overtime I got used to it. I think people are just curious because not everyday you run into a black guy. I’ve had few people walk up to me to ask if I was an athlete or something, some have even proceeded to ask for pictures .

What do you miss the most about Africa and your home country?

I’d say my family and close friends the good times we tend to have whenever we link. I also miss the food, we get Nigerian food here but it’s far from the original taste.

What's the kindest thing someone abroad did for you?

There’s been a couple things, the most recent is i left my phone in a taxi and the driver returned it back to my apartment.

Any tips for anyone looking to relocate to where you are? 

Patience is important, because when you rush the process of relocation you’re bound to make mistakes or miss some key details. Also having someone solid wherever you plan to relocate to is a huge plus as it makes it easier for you to settle. In the absence of that make sure you have more than enough funds this is very important.

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