Need to Send Money to Kenya, Ghana or Nigeria: Use This Money Transfer App

When sending money to African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, you can often get stuck wondering what method you can use to complete the transaction. There’s the bank, which is in use from long ago. Then there’s a more recent option known as a money transfer app. So, which one are you going to use for your transaction? Based on our review, a money transfer app is more convenient due to its speed and affordability. Other conventional methods will most likely cost you a lot in fees and take too long.

Now that we’ve settled on a money transfer app as the most preferred option, let’s look for one that you can depend on for all of your transactions. Different apps have their distinct features and advantages. Thus, you need to learn how you can distinguish each and settle on the best one. Here are a few options that you can consider before settling on the exact one:

Western Union

This is by far one of the oldest options in the money transfer industry. It is also one of the most effective, having gained the trust of millions of users around the globe. This might come to you as a shock, but Western Union is over 145 years old! Just imagine that for a second. They have over half a million agents spread out all over the world, and this makes it one of the easiest services to access.

You can make an instant money transfer using Western Union. The recipients will easily collect their funds through their bank accounts or strategic in-person pickups. So, this money transfer app is appropriate for remote areas that can’t even access a stable internet connection.

The only downside that we found about Western Union is that their fees are a little too expensive for most people. Other options on the table will charge just a fraction of what they do and at the same level of convenience. Their exchange rates are also not as friendly, as they are similar to conventional systems such as banks.

Afriex Money Transfer App

Though not as old as Western Union, Afriex is just as effective. They have proven that no matter the entry time into the market, what matters most is the value you bring to the table. And my oh my, they do bring a lot of value. Their fees, to start with, are very low – perhaps among the lowest, the industry has right now.

If the above and more are not features that you’d consider in a money transfer app, then we have no clue what will intrigue you more. Ooh, maybe the fact that they have an advanced encryption technology that ensures your money is always safe when you’re carrying out transactions. You can even monitor every step of the journey your funds take in real-time.

World Remit

This is yet another effective money transfer app that you can choose to send funds to African territories. It too, hasn’t been around for too long. Nonetheless, it has still managed to garner a lot of users from across the world. At the moment, it is among the top apps you can use to send money with to different destinations around the world.

Transfers using World Remit are fast and convenient. Some are even instantaneous. The most you’d expect to wait for a transaction to complete is within 24 hours. The application is present in over 40 African countries, including Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. This makes it one of the most appropriate options to use when sending money as an immigrant. In particular countries, they can also physically deliver remitted funds. Their rates are also among the lowest in the industry, but you can always confirm with other options too.


Are you looking to send money to your family back at home using a very easy way? Then look no further as Sendwave is here to help you do just that. It is among the fastest-growing money transfer app platforms for people who would like to send money to their families back at home.

Sendwave is particularly great when you want to send your money in an emergency situation. And this is the kind of situation most immigrants find themselves in. You receive a distress call and can’t afford to wait days before funds reach the affected party. Hence, the need for a fast and cheap option is imminent.

You can link Sendwave to your debit or credit card so that you can fund it at any time for transactions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, there’s a stream of options that you can choose from when sending money abroad. It is up to you to decide which money transfer app suits your needs best.

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