Living Abroad

Moved to the UK for my MSc but I miss Nigeria.


What is your name, and what African country are you from?

Hi, I’m Ene and I’m from Nigeria. 

Where are you, and how long have you been there?

I recently moved to the UK in January so it’s been about six months. 

Why did you relocate? 

I didn’t permanently relocate, I just moved here for two years to get my masters degree and hopefully a job after. 

Oh, cool! What was the move like?

Moving was not stressful at all, my dad took care of most of it. 

What's the most shocking thing to you about where you are now?

The most shocking thing for me is the dating culture here and the food; all the food is either under spiced or over fried or both, I don’t know if I can cope. 

What do you miss the most about Africa and your home country?

I miss the food and the sunny weather in Nigeria so much. 

What's the kindest thing someone abroad did for you? 

People are very nice where I live but the kindest experience I’ve had so far was when I was sad because one my grades wasn’t as high as I hoped and one of my friends just cooked for me and painted my nails. Another one left snacks at my door with a cute encouraging note, I think I cried when I saw that. 

Any tips for anyone looking to relocate to where you are? 

A good tip would be to get a good admission agency if you’re going to school, they really help. Personally, I used intake education.

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