How to Send Money to Africa from USA With a Money Transfer App

How to Send Money to Africa from the USA With a Money Transfer App

A money transfer app has enabled people to send money in an easy, fast and safe way.

At some point, you will want to send money to your family or make an online payment. That is where these apps will come in handy. All you need is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and a stable internet connection.

You can download these apps from the Google play store on android or the Apple app store on iPhone. These apps are safe and trusted. Below we are going to look at how you can send money to Africa from the USA:

Afriex - Money Transfer App

Afriex is a money transfer app that aims to provide safe and affordable money transactions. It generally operates online. This makes its costs lower than other apps.

Download the app. Create an account if it is your first time transferring money using Afriex. Choose where you are sending the money from and where to. Click next. You will then have to enter your email address and password. After that, click join. That is how to create an Afriex profile.

Before transferring money, you have to enter your personal details. Next, choose a payment method which can either be through debit card, credit card, or through a bank account. Note that, payment through card, money delivery will be instant. Payment through a bank account will take 3-5 business days. 

Inquire from the recipient how they would like to receive the money since there are many ways of delivery. Send your money. In order to prevent fraud, Afriex will ask you to provide them with additional information so as to verify your identity.

Once you've sent the money, you can check the status of your money transfer just on the app by tracking your transfer.

Western Union

It is a money transfer app which is easy to use. Log in to your account or register an account if you are a new user. Input your email address and verify your account with your government ID or passport. Tap the send now button to start your money transaction. Choose a country you want to send your money to from the list given. Enter the amount you want to send.

Select the payment method that is best for you the receiver. That can either be sending money directly to a bank account, to a mobile wallet, or for cash pickup. Insert the recipient's details. Send the money by paying with either credit or debit card. Debit card is preferable to credit card because of reduced fees and to avoid interest charges.

Western Union provides a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to help in tracking the money. You can share the number with the receiver to also help them in tracking the money.


Worldremit is a money transfer app that is quick and efficient. Download the app if you do not have it and confirm your details. Choose where you'd like to send the money and how much. You will be shown the cost of fees and exchange rates and how much the recipient will receive.

Choose how your recipient will get the money. It can be through cash pickup, bank transfer, mobile money, or airtime top-up. Enter the details of the receiver and once confirmed, the money goes through.

Once the transaction is complete, you and the receiver will receive an SMS or email notification. 


Wise is a money transfer app, which was formerly known as TransferWise. Log in to the app if you already have an account. Sign up if it's your first time by putting your email address and creating a password.

Input how much you would like your recipient to receive so as to get the amount you will send, inclusive of fees. This ensures the receiver gets the amount you intended to send them without deductions.

They will ask if it's a personal or business transfer. Click personal if payment is from a personal bank account. Fill in your personal information. Indicate who you are sending the money to. If you want the money to go to their bank account, enter their bank details and the money goes to that account.

You can just enter their email address if you do not have their bank details. If the recipient is on Wise, the transfer company will find the account that they will want to get money. If they are not on Wise, an email will be sent to them by the money transfer company asking for their bank details. 

Make sure all the details you have entered are correct by reviewing them. Choose your payment method and you will see the fees for each method. You will also see the time it will take for the money to reach the receiver.

Confirmation is through the app when the money gets to Wise. You will get a notification when the money is on the way.

Final Thoughts

Transfer of money through a money transfer app is cheaper compared to sending money through banks. Finding the right app to send money is all you have to do. Choose one that is cheaper and convenient for both you and the receiver.

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