How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria

How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria

There are different ways to send money from Kenya to Nigeria. It is common for many to prefer using banks. However, technology has led to the widespread adoption of money transfer apps. They are a lot cheaper and take less time than banks. What’s even more, they have better exchange rates. So, when you need to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria, just know that there’s an easy way out.

In order to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria, it is imperative that you use a reliable, safe, and fast money transfer service. Lots of them have emerged in the market, and it becomes rather difficult getting to select the right one for your needs. But don’t worry because we have done all the necessary research for you. The only thing you need to do is to read this review of the best apps you can use to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria.

Western Union

Western Union has been in existence for decades. This means that it has gained the trust of millions of individuals all over the planet. Africa is no exception to the potency of Western Union. It has a huge presence all over the continent. There are thousands of agents in Africa ready to serve money recipients.

In Kenya and Nigeria, there are so many agents from whom your recipient can pick their funds. Money transfers through Western Union are not only fast, but also cost-effective. Their exchange rates are in line with the current rates in the market.

Security is key in Western Union. They don’t compromise on the security of their clientele’s money. Hence, they have devised ways that ensure you’re safe from fraudsters and any other sorts of cybercriminals.

You can visit the Western Union page first before you Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria. This will help you locate the available agent locations in Nigeria beforehand. You can then confidently send funds knowing that there’s an agent close to your recipient. This is if they have opted for a cash pickup. Just let your recipient know that they’ll have to come with identification documents to receive funds.

Using Afriex to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria

Afriex is another brilliant option that you can use to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It has been around only for a short time, but it has still proven to be a force to reckon with. Many Africans are already using Afriex to send funds all over the continent. And you can also join the network. All that you need to do is to create an account if you don’t have one – then you’re ready to go.

When you want to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria, you can do so simply using your debit or credit card. This way, you can send funds straight out of your bank account. Alternatively, you can find other ways to load your Afriex account. Afriex has employed a ton of features to enhance usability and security. Besides, their rates are pretty attractive too.


Otherwise just known as Wise, this is yet another brilliant way to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It is fairly popular because of its speed of transfers and the fair exchange rates/fees.

What makes them charge fairly is that they depend on the mid-market exchange rate, unlike some of the other money transfer apps. Therefore, they don’t impose any hidden charges on their rates. You can save money by using TransferWise to send funds to other countries.

TransferWise delivers the funds locally to the Nigerian recipient. This way, you can rest assured that money will get to the intended recipient safely and in time.


Payoneer is an international money transfer app that can also help you to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It has a huge presence in the African content as well. Therefore, you can be sure that sending funds to Nigeria will be safe, secure, and fast.


Skrill is a popular method you can use to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It offers low fees and fast transfers to the recipient. You can send funds from your debit or credit card easily using Skrill.

They have sophisticated technology and features, ensuring that your money gets to the recipient safely. They ward off cybercriminals and scammers through encryption and 2-factor authentications. This is one of the apps that give you confidence when sending funds.

They added Nigeria recently to their list of countries you can send money too. Initially, Nigerians had to depend on a VPN to use Skrill – but not anymore. With only an email address, you can easily Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria.

Final Thoughts

If you were stuck wondering how to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria, then we hope that this guide has given you the way forward.

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