How to choose the right money transfer app for you🤑

Money is serious business and when it comes to sending it across continents and countries, it becomes even more serious, this is why you need to take proper care in choosing the right money transfer app for you and your business.

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a money transfer or cash app.

Ease of sign up

How easy it is to sign up should be first on your list, you don't want an app that wants you to bring 10 guinea fowls and the heads of two lions or that would require you to come to their office to submit documents and get a code. Yes, we know KYC is no joke but there are a lot of identification systems that have customer details on them and take the stress off customers when signing up.. An app that lets you sign up at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are and that sets you up in minutes should be your choice. 

Timeline for sending money

Yes, we are now in the 21st century and gone are the days when you or your recipient would need to wait for 7 working days and have to appease the Gods before you can get the money sent. Any money transfer app worth its salt in the market nowadays should get you your money instantly. Guess what? With Afriex, over 98% of our funds transfer transactions are successful and delivered to the recipients in less than 2 minutes! Yes you read that right, some even take seconds 🤯. It's just like sending a text 😉

Ease of use

Again, money is serious business and some apps can be so confusing that you can make costly mistakes on them. Using an app to send money should be as easy as ABC and that is what the Afriex app provides with a simple and user friendly interface and clear design that spells everything out clearly. You can transact easily with no fears of making mistakes.

Countries available for sending and receiving money

Some apps are limited in terms of the countries you can send to or receive money from. This won't be helpful for you in the long run as you don't know where you may need to send or receive money from, so go for a money transfer app that will let you transfer and receive from at least 5 countries. With Afriex, you can send to and receive money from over 7 countries including the US, UK and Canada. 


There are lots of scammers and fraudulent people out there looking to rob you of your hard earned money and that's why a money transfer app that is super secure and prioritizes the safety of your money should be on your list of top choices. You want to look out for their fraud and data security certifications as well as how fast they are able to resolve fraud cases. Check if they are PCI DSS compliant, if they are registered in the countries they operate in and if their support pages are active and quick to respond or provide clarifications.

With these tips, you are well on your way to picking the best money transfer app for you! Good news! The Afriex app gets a strong 10 in all of these features and more; from ease of sign up which takes just some minutes to quick transfer, ease of use (the app is so simple to use) to having over 7 countries and being super secure and regulation compliant. We can emphatically state that the Afriex App is the best and right money transfer app for you.

Download the Afriex app now and start sending and receiving money across countries in minutes! 🥳

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