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Ensuring Secure and Seamless Money Transfers: The Afriex Advantage

Your money is very important to you and us. Making sure your money is sent to who you want it to go to, when you want it there, is at the core of our business. We ensure speed and reliability by anticipating your needs, establishing core and backup payment infrastructures, and by running 24hrs. We ensure your money is sent frictionless with no hidden fees. 

Anticipating what you may send

Afriex has a robust projection framework in place to anticipate your personal needs based on your previous habits. If you have sent $200 each Friday to your family in Nigeria from the US for example, our goal is to have the $200 equivalent to payout to your family in Nigeria right away, and will plan for that on Thursday. That way, when you go to send $200 on Friday, we already have anticipated to have Naira to instantly payout to your family. This allows for instant transactions even for overseas payments. 

Robust Payment Rails

Afriex has core technology infrastructure that allows for fast money movement. We partner with cutting edge banks and financial technology companies to ensure multiple ways to send money securely. This results in less downtime and faster payments. 

24hr service

Afriex is a global team. We have customer support coverage around the clock and our app is running 24/7. Unlike a traditional bank that may close during the weekends or does not facilitate payments until business days, Afriex enables you to send and receive money anytime. As a result, we are a much faster alternative to traditional money transfer companies. 

Fraud/ KYC readiness

We comply with AML/CFT regulations and implement robust AML procedures. In addition, the Compliance department conducts due diligence to detect and prevent money laundering activities. We also use third party KYC providers to ensure we know you and who you are sending to well. This can be a timely but necessary process when onboarding. However, the better we know you as a company, the easier it is for us to facilitate fast payments on your behalf. Protecting your money is of the utmost importance. Once we know it’s really you, we can focus on sending your money as quickly as possible. 

Backup Payout Partners

Afriex has multiple backup payment partners. As a result, we have very little downtime. Even if one bank or banking switch is not working, we can switch payout providers, ensuring you get your money quickly. 

Transparent pricing

Afriex has no hidden or additional fees. We offer you competitive pricing each day. The rate you see when you send will be the rate that you transact at.

‍Since we know we want to offer you the best prices we can, we don’t spend time on adding fees or additional charges. We simply send your money as quickly as possible to who you want to send to. 

Afriex is deeply concerned with getting your currency where you want it in the world. We are a technology and trust company and we have adopted a multi-layered approach that combines technology, safe guards and robust processes in order to ensure your money arrives safely and seamlessly every time.

Join us on our journey and be a part of the future of payments today.

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