Bridging the Digital Divide: Afriex and Tech Herfrica Empower Nigerian Women Farmers and Traders for Economic Growth

Afriex and Tech Herfrica are taking a transformative leap forward to empower Nigerian women in agriculture. With the agricultural industry contributing a significant 24% to Nigeria's GDP, it is crucial to address the digital exclusion faced by women in rural communities. Through their collaborative initiative, the EquipHer Project 1000, Afriex and Tech Herfrica aim to equip these women with digital tools and knowledge, enabling them to overcome barriers, access crucial resources, and embark on a path of economic empowerment.

Digital exclusion, driven by factors such as expensive devices, limited internet connectivity, cultural norms, and a lack of digital and financial literacy, creates a sense of being left behind and perpetuates a cycle of poverty. This exclusion has a significant impact on farming, agriculture, and economic development, as education, job opportunities, and progress increasingly rely on digital tools.

To break this cycle and uplift underserved women, Afriex and Tech Herfrica have formed a partnership to launch the EquipHer Project 1000 initiative. This groundbreaking program aims to provide digital financial literacy training in local languages to female farmers and traders across Nigeria. Additionally, they will be equipped with internet-enabled smartphones tailored to their needs, enabling them to access vital farming and market information, financial services, and new customers beyond their local markets.

Before this partnership, Tech Herfrica conducted a successful pilot program for female farmers and traders throughout Nigeria with support from Afriex and other sponsors. Participants received training and mobile devices and were encouraged to access health insurance and micro-pension plans for their well-being and business growth. The program resulted in an average income increase of 56.6% for the beneficiaries, and 89% of the women reported an enhanced sense of inclusion and well-being. Thanks to the training, their digital financial literacy skills increased by 80%.

Building upon this success, the new collaboration aims to expand the initiative to empower more women across Nigeria. By providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and access to digital resources, this program will help break the cycle of poverty. It opens doors to improved income, increased market opportunities, and a brighter future for these underserved women.

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