Afriex/DevCenter Square Virtual Design Hackathon 2022 

As part of our commitment to being a product-led organization and providing the best experiences for users across our product suite, we are excited to announce our design hackathon alongside Devcenter square - a technology community of over 20,000 members dedicated to helping anyone interested in developing their tech skills get better at it.

An integral part of building any product is design - as it provides an interface for users to connect with the product. We are excited to be contributing to the design ecosystem at large.

The Afriex/DevC virtual design hackathon aims to inspire designers to come up with intuitive and innovative solutions through their design skills to solve real-world problems. By bringing together creative and innovative minds, Afriex aims to create an enabling environment for design talents to continue to grow and thrive.

At Afriex, our mission is to remove the friction of sending money across borders and to level the economic playing field on a global scale. To achieve this we are building a global payment network: a scalable and usable infrastructure that integrates existing fiat payment networks, including but not limited to banks and card processors.

Important Hackathon Details

Design Challenge

Designers in the hackathon can solve the design problem with this prompt:

Afriex has captured a portion of users focusing on remittance, sending money from the US to Africa.

View Prompt Detail here


Three winners will be selected. Each winner will get the following prizes

-1st place - $1000 and a job offer or a chance to continue the project.

- 2nd place - $500

-3rd place - $300


Registration to the hackathon is open and free. You can participate as an individual or a team of not more than two persons. 

Where can you participate from?

You can participate in the hackathon from anywhere.

Team communications

After registration, you will gain access to the Slack channel where daily communication and further information about the event will be shared. All hackathon activities will take place virtually.


  • How do I join the slack community for the hackathon? You need to fill the registration form below after which you will get an email with the link to join the official slack channel.
  • How would I submit my work? Information on how to make submissions would be shared via slack.
  • Can people join the hackathon late? Yes, you can.
  • Who do I reach out to for questions, challenges, clarifications etc? You would get access to  Afriex and DevC team members would be available to answer your questions and help you with whatever you need.

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/cj77KKPfVhWVyJJq8

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Our partners include: Evolve Bank & Trust, VentureGarden Group, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Visa, Cellulant and MFS Africa.