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6 struggle you can relate to when trying to send or receive money from abroad.

Sending money across countries and borders should not be as hard as it sometimes can be with traditional institutions. Have you ever tried sending money to Africa while abroad or receiving funds from abroad? Then you can relate to these struggles.

1. Queuing at banks to fill out forms to be able to send money.

2. Waiting for days to receive funds or confirmation that the recipient has received it.

3. Looking for who has a DOM account to help you receive the money.

4. Queuing again to fill out forms to withdraw the funds.

5. Looking for the Bureau de change to change the foreign currency to your country's currency.

6. Paying exorbitant transfer or withdrawal charges and fees.

The good news is that Afriex is one of the best money transfer apps for your cross-border payment needs. Sign-up is instant and easy. That's not all, transfers are free, and recipients get it in their country's currency, meaning you can send USD or GHS to Nigeria, and the recipient gets it in Nigeria in their accounts in like 2 minutes top. It's that easy! Click here to download the Afriex app and start making sweet money moves now.

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