5 simple tools to turbocharge your small business

As a small business looking to expand and get clients all over the world, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity technology provides. Some of which are easy to use and mostly free tools that can automate lots of tasks and make catering to customers from all over the world easier. 

Here are 5 tools to help with that. 


One of the best things you can do for your business is make it as attractive as possible and this means getting properly designed posts and adverts and good product photography. With Canva, you can make simple edits to social media, email and even newsletter templates on the app and share directly to your social media platforms. 

Afriex App

Being open to having global clients means you must have a reliable money transfer app to easily get the payments. Afriex is one of the best money transfer apps that help you accept and make payments from over 7 countries including US, UK and Canada in seconds! Download the app now and start receiving payments!

Google suite

This is a powerhouse of tools that can help with inventory, tracking, content creation and so much more. Maximize the opportunities your Google account gives you with the Google suite tools to grow your business this year.


Add a professional touch to your business when you get an invoice app that lets you send invoices to customers, track payments and also customer details. That way you can get their emails, phone numbers and records of purchases so you can market your other products to them.


Building your own website might be just a little too much work but with Shopify you get to have your own customized online store where you can market your business to customers all over the world and make sales easily.

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