Cash Pickup
with Afriex

We make international transfer the easiest for you with our partner bank, First City Monument Bank. Join thousands people worldwide who use the Afriex money transfer app.

3 Steps to Cash Pickup

Your money is delivered to you quickly and securely.

Step 1

Choose Cash Pickup

Cash pickup is available on sending money and cashing out from your wallet.

Step 2

Get Notified via Text

Once your cash is ready, our system automatically contact you via SMS. Keep an eye out!

Step 3

Pick Up at Bank

Receive your US Dollars within the day of completed transaction at our partner bank, First City Monument Bank.

Get Cash Pickup
on the App!

Why choose Afriex?

We're safe.

We use industry-leading technology to protect your money.

We're fast.

95% of our transfers are ready in minutes.

We're low-cost.

We offer better exchange rates and lower fees than most conventional banks and money transfer services.

Send on the go and
track your transfer
with our app

Download our app for free to send money online in minutes to over 130 other countries - including Nigeria. Track your payments and view your transfer history from anywhere.


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