The Afriexapp Crypto/Web3 2021 Virtual Hackathon Competition

With crypto technology fast growing at a large scale and getting adopted more by individuals, countries and businesses for different use cases, Afriexapp is excited to be part of the crypto revolution and we are excited to announce the crypto/web3 hackathon competition taking place October, 2021.

The crypto/web3 hackathon competition is a virtual event that aims to inspire blockchain developers to use blockchain technology to build innovative solutions to real-world problems. By bringing together innovative minds, Afriex aims to contribute to building an enabling environment for blockchain development.

Important hackathon details:


Winners of the hackathon will get a grand prize of $1000 in crypto and a job offer or a chance to continue the project.


Registration to the hackathon is open and free but to be eligible, it is important you have a team of not more than 3 persons to be able to qualify to participate.

Your project

Together with your team (2–3 people max) you will work on selected hackathon projects or pick from a select list of ideas that will be available.

Where can you participate from?

You can participate in the hackathon from anywhere.

Team communications

After registration, you will gain access to the Slack channel where daily communication and further information about the event will be shared. All hackathon activities will take place virtually.

Hackathon's Code of Conduct Policy

We ask all participants to be in compliance with the appropriate code of conduct stated during the hackathon.

-Intellectual Property Policy -All submissions made to the hackathon remain the intellectual property of the individual(s) that developed it.

-By submitting entries to the hackathon or accepting any prize, it is important that participants will not submit work that is protected by trade secret, copyrighted, or subject to third-party intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights.

-Participants will not submit content that is unlawful, defamatory, libelous, threatening, encourages criminal activity, gives rise to civil liability, or is otherwise inappropriate or destructive to the hackathon’s brand image or goodwill.


  • How do I connect to slack? You need to fill the registration form.
  • Where should I submit my code? Via Github.
  • Can people join the hackathon late? Yes, Friday 11th is when the late registration closes.
  • Who do I reach out to for questions, challenges etc? You can drop your questions on the official slack channel and members of the team would be of help.

Registration Link: (

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