Introducing: Pay with bank by Afriex

One of our top priorities at Afriex is to continuously make cross border transactions via the Afriexapp an easy and extremely seamless experience for existing and new users. In line with this vision, we're delighted to announce the launch of our newest feature: Pay with bank by Afriex.

If you transfer money home to Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda), you understand how critical it is to complete transactions quickly, seamlessly, safely, and securely, whether it is for business or personal reasons. Our newest feature brings you one step closer to your goal!

A better upgrade from Pay with Card, the new Pay with Bank feature provides users with  improved security by allowing you to log in with your bank  to perform transactions safely and with ease.

The Pay with Bank feature also eliminates the need to bring your card with you everywhere (which increases your card's susceptibility to theft and loss) in order to initiate transactions that you may need to perform on the go or in an emergency.

How to use the new Pay with Bank feature on Afriex

The Pay with Bank feature is really easy and very simple to use. Follow the steps below to understand how to take advantage of the new feature.

- Download the Afriex app from the Google play store or App store if you are a new user. For old users, you need to update your app to use the new pay with bank feature.

-Next enter your Afriex pin code to login into the app.

-Next click on profile on the menu at the lower part of the app.

Click on menu to proceed to the next step

-Select payment method next, here you have two options: kindly select Link Bank (Pay directly from your bank).

Click on link bank instantly to proceed to the next step

-You will be required to go through a KYC process by entering your Social Security Number (SSN), D.O.B as well as home address, after which your information is verified.

Enter your SSN to proceed to the next step

-Next, you select your bank to get it connected with you Afriex wallet.

Select your bank to proceed to the next step

-After selecting you bank, you would get a confirmation message showing that you have successfully linked your bank to your Afriex wallet.

-Now you can send money home to Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda) with ease and without hassle!

What’s the charge on transactions made via Pay with Bank?

There are no charges made when you perform transactions with Pay with Bank.

Do users need to enable the Pay with Bank feature on the app?

As an existing user or new user, the Pay with bank feature is automated, so you don’t have to enable it manually.

Is this feature open to everyone?

At this time, it is only available in the US for those with US-registered bank accounts.

Have any questions about Pay with Bank?

We are always happy to help! Simply send us a message at or call us on 1 (866) 627-5738.

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Kadijat Okeowo

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