How To Send Money To Nigeria

07.17.20 2 MINUTE READ

Whether it's sending money to your wife for the children's school fees and feeding, or paying the builders for the construction of your new home, or giving money to your relative to enjoy the holidays, sending money to Nigeria from abroad should be quick and easy. If you are looking for an app to send money to a Nigerian bank account, choose Afriex!

What is Afriex

Afriex is a peer to peer money transfer service that allows you to send money between the United States and Nigeria and within the United States and Nigeria — by searching for a username or inputting the recipient's bank account information— quickly and without any service fees.

Advantages of Afriex

1. Best Exchange Rates

Most competitors are offering an average  rate of 1USD to 375 NGN with additional charges. Afriex has a rate of 1USD to 390 NGN with No Extra Service Fees! Put merely, Afriex gives you more for your money.  

2. The Quickest Way to Send Money

When sending money to Nigeria, some money transfer apps can take up to two- to- three days to complete your transaction. With Afriex, the transfers are instant! 90% of all Afriex transactions reflect in your account in under one minute.

3. You Can Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

While most international money transfer apps only allow transfers of national currencies,

Afriex allows you to send and receive dollars, niara, and bitcoin.  

4. User Friendly

Some money transfer services can be complex and difficult to use. Afriex allows you to send money from anywhere using your mobile device.

5. The Safest Way to Send Money

With all the threats of identity theft, sending money online can be terrifying. Afriex is PCI compliant meaning we encrypt all personal data, so your info is always protected from unwanted hackers.

How to Send Money to Nigeria from the USA Using Afriex in 4 Easy Steps

1. Download the Afriex app on iTunes or the Google Play Store

2. Create a free account using your Gmail address

3. Select the currency of you choice send by pressing the Nigerian flag in the top right corner

4. Input the amount you would like to transfer, and press send

Watch a step- by- step  guide on how to transfer money to Nigeria using the Afriex app  

So to Wrap Up….

When it comes to sending money home to Nigeria, you cannot go wrong with Afriex. It is the cheapest way to send money abroad and the fastest! To send money now, download the Afriex app at .

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