Customer Care Associate

Job Description

Afriex an international money transfer company that makes it easy for immigrants to send money home. We use stablecoins (cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar) to offer the fastest and cheapest remittance service to people around the world. We have about 25,000 users and send money to 5 countries today including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. We are a young and growing company of people that live all over the world from California to Kenya. We are very much a techy company, very friendly and smart people, there are about 14 of us today but we are growing fast so there might be more by the time you join. We are very laid back and like to laugh together but we also work very hard. We are looking for someone that can join our support team and help us get to the next level.

We are looking to bring on a phone and livechat support specialist to work 5pm-3am US central time. This is about 8am - 4pm Philippines standard time.

Job Responsibilities

- Answer the phone: respond to customer questions and complaints. This is an English speaking audience that lives in America and sends money home to Africa
- Respond to customer inquiries on livechat: you may have multiple chats going at one
- Answer emails in a timely manner
- Multitask: As you can see customers can contact us from many channels and we must be able to respond to them
- Document your insights and make suggestions to the product team
- Make good judgements

Skills needed

- Excellent english speaking and writing skills
- Demonstrate a strong education background
- Willingness to learn
- Customer service experience
- Bonus if you have worked at a fintech company

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