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People are the most important part of what we do. From our customers to our team members we are building a family that believes in a compelling vision of the future and can support each other to get there.

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Who We Are

Our story begins in 2019 when one of our founders, Tope Alabi, relocated from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria. While in Nigeria, he tried to send money from his US bank account to his Nigerian bank account but found the process to be expensive and time-consuming. Tope knew there had to be a more cost-effective and faster way to transfer money from the US to Nigeria. With little money left from his savings, he teamed up with Obirije John, an established software developer who had previous experience working for a startup remittance company. Together, they founded Afriex, a peer to peer mobile payments app that makes sending money to Africa simple.  

Our Team

We are building a family of Afriex users who are working towards creating wealth and therefore, a better standard of living across the globe. Very soon, we will be introducing a range of new currencies to the app thus, making sending money around the world even easier!

Tope Alabi

“I believed that by making money transfers simple, I could help democratize access to wealth creation, in both small and big ways to improve people's lives.”

Obirije John

“Afriex was born because we experienced the pain of sending money from the US to Nigeria. I previously worked with a startup company that tried solving a similar problem, we didn’t succeed, but this time it is my personal mission to make Afriex work for all.

Ahiwe Onyebuchi Valentine
Software Engineer

“Having worked with Afriex’s co- founders before, I believed in their ability to create a seamless way of transferring money internationally. Working at Afriex has fast tracked my career as a software developer”.

Gayle Were
Marketing Intern

As a digital marketing major, I wanted to intern at a company that valued my contributions as well as provided an environment for me to hone my skills. Luckily, Afriex has given me much more. I have joined a family dedicated to easening currency exchange across the globe with a focus on Africa.

Gamelia Johnson
Growth & Operations

“While working and traveling abroad, I experienced the pain of sending and receiving money firsthand, joining Afriex meant being part of the solution. I really value and appreciate what Afriex is about and how people are able to get money to their families instantly, with the best rates and no tricks. That was a product I could stand behind.”

Ernest Offiong
Software Engineer

“Developers yearn to work on grand projects with like-minded people. It doesn't get bigger than building the future of money transfers. I chose to work for Afriex because I believe in her vision and the leadership of the founders.”

Kadijat Okeowo
Product Marketing Manager

At the intersection of digital/growth/product marketing, business and tech. Constantly learning, unlearning, re-learning. Passionate about products that solve the problems Africans have. Happily helping Afriexapp reach its next million users.

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We make it easy for immigrants to send money home.