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The fastest way to send money across continents

Afriex is a quick, reliable and trusted app to send and receive money anywhere in the world.
Get the Afriex App
Get the Afriex App
Scan the QR code to download the Afriex app.
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Send money to Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon see more countries

Effortless transfers to Ethiopia

Create your account and start sending in just four simple steps.
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Download the Afriex app.
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Sign up with your email address.
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Verify your identity.
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Send money.
Get the Afriex App
Get the Afriex App
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Send up to $3,000 daily to bank accounts and e-wallets.

You can send money directly to a bank account or to any Afriex user and they get it instantly!
Get the Afriex App
Get the Afriex App
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Start with as little as a $1

An easier way to send and receive money on the go.
Get the Afriex App
Get the Afriex App
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Earn rewards for referring friends and family.

Get a $5 Afriex credit when you refer a friend and they send $100 or more.
Get the Afriex App
Get the Afriex App
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Why Send Money with Afriex?

zero fees and best rates

Zero Fees & Best Rates

Get zero fees on money transfers and we are 25% cheaper than Western Union or MoneyGram.
fast and secure transfer

Fast and Secure Transfer

You can authorize and track your transactions in minutes.
bank grade security

Bank Grade Security

We leverage the best technology to ensure end-to-end encryption on all your transactions.

Trusted by thousands

Hear from those who chose Afriex.
Zero transfer fees
Afriex is my top choice for money transfers. It's fast, reliable, and convenient, providing excellent services. Highly recommendable for sending money to family and friends.
Evelyn Omemmah
In fact, I was one of the doubting Thomases till I tried it. I simply recommend it! The rate is comparatively good 👍🏾, and it takes less time to get verified. Wish there was a 6th star 🌟
Hayatu A
This app is superb. Initially, I was curious when it was delayed, but I must confess this app is dependable, legit and profitable. They always keep their WORD. THANK GOD I FOUND YOU! Afriex - the best and easy way to transfer money across.
Edward P
Best remittance app with excellent customer service. Seamless registration and friendly rates. Recommended to a friend in the USA who was having issues remitting funds back home. Since switching to the Afriex app, there have been no issues with funding or remittances.
Abidemi O

You can send money to the following African countries from the US, UK and Canada

Ivory coast
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Our partners include: Evolve Bank & Trust, VentureGarden Group, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Visa, Cellulant and MFS Africa.